Diamonds are forever


Let me tell you a story of a little girl who used to make jewelry with flowers from her father’s greenhouse. When she realized the jewelry didn’t last for more than a day she searched for other materials in her mother’s sewing box where she found safety pins, buttons and beads. And so she continued making jewelry.. I think that by now you’ve guessed who this girls is. Yes, it’s me! My passion for making jewelry didn’t end there. After I graduated in high school I traveled the world to buy beads and stones in Turkey, Italy, Thailand, China, Indonesia and more. After a few more years I figured I wanted to make jewelry that can travel the world with me and last forever, or at least for a very long time. That’s when I started working with silver and gold, and that’s when our, Fleur and mine, jewelry line IVY & LIV was born. Of course the story doesn’t end here, because the little girl with the big dreams is still within me. I don’t know what my next step will be, but I do know that one day I will make jewelry with diamonds! That is why I was so touched when Dutch sisters Lieke van Lexmond en Jetteke van Lexmond launched their jewelry collection for Royal Asscher: LEXMOND VS LEXMOND. I saw a dream of two girls come true and I am very happy for them. Congratulations ladies! The jewelry are AMAZING. Not going to say a word more about it, just watch. Watch and dream…